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Gypsy, most often referred to as Romani, is the language of the Romani people and belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family.

Romani contains many divergent dialects, often considered their own languages because of their diversity, and these include: Vlas, Balkan, Carpathian and Sinti.

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Because of the preliminary information available to people on this Zamtelgate, nobody can hail his ruling as a progressive decision because it seems to have killed the balance and impartiality people expect to get out of its court system.

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In our case, we’ve to make a choice between a corrupt-free Zambia versus the ‘status quo’ where by the country would continue inefficiently and corruptly.Otherwise if people stopped being watchful, ideological or selfish goals would render the entire judicial system impartial.We have to, because vices like corruption breed well under this environment.End result – the trust, respect, and people’s faith in the judicial system get eroded.Secondly, people get troubled when they begin seeing conflicts between on one side – High Court Judge’s view against that of the Senior Supreme Court Judges.

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