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On 28 January 2009, the SDU and SDS merged to become a single entity, tentatively named SDU-SDS, consolidating their respective resources and exposing their constituent members to the larger, merged database.

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Over the first 2 decades since the SDU was first set up, SDU reported that more than 33,000 members were married (This includes many young Singaporeans who would have got married irrespective of SDU being in existence or not).In fact, for those aged 30–34, the proportion remaining single had increased significantly between 20, as more people chose to delay marriage.In 2005, among citizens aged 30–34, the proportion that was single was 37 per cent for males and 26 per cent for females.Besides those who treated the SDU with contempt, there were others who simply did not take the SDU seriously.One popular joke that was conceived in the early days was that ‘SDU’ also stood for ‘Single, Desperate and Ugly’.

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