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The Queen Gunnhildur returned the favor and set a curse on Egill, which made him feel restless until they met again.

♦ – Egill died in his eighties and was buried with his silver.

In 1602, Denmark banned Icelanders to trade with other countries than Denmark, and this trade monopoly remained in effect until 1854.

In 1874, after a long struggle for recognition and independence, Iceland finally received home rule, leading to Iceland´s independence from Denmark in 1944.

Many of the Icelandic sagas, were destroyed in the fire, especially in the library of Árni Magnússon, historian and book collector, however most of the Icelandic skin manuscripts were saved.♦ – Egill Skallagrímsson is one of Iceland´s most remarkable Vikings and Heroes portrayed in the Icelandic saga, Egilssaga.

He wrote his first poem at the age of 3 years old and later became one of Iceland´s first and most famous poets.

His poet Sonatorrek, which he wrote over the loss of his son, has been called „the birth of Nordic personal lyric poetry“ and is Egill also considered by many historians to have written one of the finest ancient Nordic poetry.

The 16th and the 17th century was a tragic period in the Icelandic history.

A new law was constructed in the country and finally Jónsbók law book was made and some of the law is still in use in Iceland today.

Things changed after Iceland went under the rule of the King of Norway, peace remained but the old Chieftains lost their powers, instead of them, sheriffs took power.♦ – Most Icelandic sagas tell from events which took place from the settlement, the year 874, until 1030.

Mixing malt and appelsín (a non-alcoholic blend of orange soda and malt extract) is an essential part of every Icelanders Christmas holiday.

Actually, many people drink this drink all year around.

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