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She was in a dress that buttoned all way down front. Near Ing the end of the evening Robert said, "I booked a family room here tonight for Angie and myself, and would love for you two to join us." Before we could say anything he continued. Please talk about it, and if you want to go ahead just come up, we will be waiting. That's why we came," I spluttered, I watched as they kissed. Julie was struggling to get his clothes off so Becky went over to help until she got his cock free. I've never seen anyone else fuck my kids like this." "Yes, I know what you mean. This is totally new to us." We started to kiss; her pussy was like a river as I pushed my fingers in her; mind you, I was as wet.She was very attractive; short brown hair, great smile and she held my hand a few seconds longer than was necessary as she said hello. "You two need to have a chat see if it's what you want to do, I know both of us want you to. We have some wine and glasses up there." So we had to make a decision. Please come in, I'll pour the wine." Angie was sitting there minus her dress. Then she gave him head, sucking and licking his cock. I thought her whole hand was going to go in me as she played with me, I looked round. OMG, Literally one minute later I came and Angie soon followed. As she started to come down from the orgasm, I gave her pussy another kiss. John started to kiss me licking her juices off me while Anna did the same to me as I did to Julie. "Oh well, John, the kids have all cum and me and you haven't. It wasn't a moral dilemma - you know us better that that. She was attractive before; now she was hot in her see-through bra, panties and hold-up stockings, John was staring as well, We got the drinks and chatted a bit more until Angie got up and sat next to John on the bed. Julie joined in and as they were doing that John and Robert decided to undress. Anna was now sat on Robert's cock and Julie was doing same with John. We lay back on the sofa gasping, both of us thinking that was great.

If he had warned me it would have been fine, But as males tend to do, he didn't tell me. That it was okay, and like five minutes later her mum and dad were making out right there in front of her on the sofa. Her dad then started sucking her boobs while her mum took her skirt off. Julie said it was awesome and they have been doing it ever since! I think it was about a week later when I came home from work and Anna was home with Julie. Normally, I would just wear knickers around the house. "OK, act normal," I told myself, "Just put on some knickers and get back downstairs to make tea." When I went down they had gone up to Anna's room.

Part three ended with me telling you about Anna's friend Julie and her swinger parents. Her dad, Robert, called me and we arranged to meet up at the weekend to see if we got on and maybe to swing with them, Now read on. John chose jeans and shirt, We met them in a hotel bar in town. Turns out you talk about same things you do with everybody else. He smiled at me and looked down at the space next to him. Sam, John and Robert were all staring at them, Julie then said, "Mum. John got us all drinks, I showed them all round the house and we were just chatting and laughing about nothing.

So Friday night came and I was like some schoolgirl going on a first date: What to wear? In the end, I went smart but casual: just a plain dress, panties, no bra and shoes. We had exchanged pictures of each other, so recognised them when we walked in, Robert jumped up to greet us and introduced his wife Angie. We had a great evening, laughed lots and sex wasn't talked about. Then we spotted Sam and Julie making out, so naturally all eyes turned to them.

What is it with this family that makes me feel like a teenager all the time? I know that writing a story is alot of work (i've written some stuff myself but not here on literotica...), and even if you read things twice or even more often you will still miss some errors (and maybe introduce other errors while you correct existing ones...) so nobody's perfect i would say...

If we don't feel we like each other then all it's been is a night out." "Yeah, sounds like a plan," I mumbled. x Jane x I really like your stories so pls keep going! I read the comments about getting facts straight and all i have to say is well if THIS is a real problem than the world is actually going to hell!

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