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vouchers are very easy and a simple fill in the form and send it back, job done! Lyn is a bit reserved while my wife is the direct...You choose a provider..usually the parents works choose this and register, they will ask you to sign a letter and the one i just registered with asked for a copy of my reg certificate. Do i just wait until the vouchers are handed as payment and ring the provider before putting them in to the bank?? Many Thanks x I am a childminder and have accepted sodhexho vouchers before.and there i was registered with them....really easy its worth looking on the busy bees site and otehrs just for comparison. They go straight into the bank once your registered and take 2-3 days once the parent has requested them.I currently use a childminder for DD1, soon DD2 will be looked after her too and to save money I would like to use childcare vouchers that I can get from my employer.Just wanted an opinion from childminders who have experience of taking vouchers - is it easy to do, what are the advantages and disadvantages to taking them etc. last Friday my wife and Vera went out for dinner and a few drinks. It tooks me about 4 years hard work to convince her to do it...

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Then 1 parents work place pay vouchers directly into account & I receive remittance letter when transfered to my bank. It just goes straight into my bank account - so easy ! Hi : I'm also a childminder but not familiar with childcare vouchers, how is it works?

Other parent brings voucher at end of month & I phone automated line enter my personal code & voucher code & value. Do you need to do anything everytime or just the first. Thanks x they are so easy to set up, most will accept phone registrations.

my payment date is 1st of month but I set 25th so it didnt paul until next payment... If so, please can someone tell me who do I phone to register for the scheme.

I needed to select straightaway....which company do you use I am a new childminder and not used vouchers before, my children are 13 months and 7 months. Hi im a childminder, I take sudhexo and computer share vouchers but for new childminders mentioning that the payment takes more than 7 days is probably because the settings on the registration are for a certain date, you need to contact them and arrange for payment to go in on a certain day, I had this problem where I wasn't getting the payment until 2 weeks later and realised that my settings wasn't for the beginning of the month, once changed there was no problem.

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