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There have been people in Marshfield now for 368 years and we are in the year of 2000, I would like to see a total review of our Town Charter to make it better to serve the people of Marshfield Tax payers.

Town budgets and records keeping of this town have to be looked at, I have asked for records and the town does not have them.

Police Department: Chief Frank Sinnott, Charlie Sinnott, William Sullivan, Carl Held, Slim Garside, Danny Dunn, Dick Brightman, Lindy Cubbeck, Buddy Rien, Bob Frugoli, John Mc Gowan, Bob Kelly, Charlie Chaplin, John Roderick, John Murphy, Don Ryan, Jack Woods.

The station was on Dyke Road and The Police and Fire Dispatcher was Percy Robinson.

Heat: We had a fire place, and kerosene kitchen stoves I remember going out side to a big barrel with the bottle from the kitchen stove filling it and bring it back and putting on the back of the stove.

I have done some research of the town reports and have written down what I remember of growing up in the Town of Marshfield of when and what did happen.

In my research of Streets I have found 17 that have been accepted by town meeting articles going back for 92 years and the town has not been receiving state funding for the town to help maintain them.

This is not a book but a quick reference of my personal notes of when and what things happened in our town. Harold Whitcher (past representative and selectman) walking the streets.

Burt Taylor landing his sea plane in the south river behind Thompson’s insurance (now 1 St.

Stop Coffee Shop) Garages: Patch Chevrolet, Sinnots Oldsmobile, Andersons in the Hills, the Seaview garage on Summer Street, Gratto’s station in the center, Sonny Oxner's station, Ben Carty had a station in the center and the new one on Ocean Street, Phillips 66 Gas station on Ocean and Webster Street, and Link Davis Gas Station by the park, Trading Post (now the Gulf Station on route 139) Connor’s junkyard on Plain Street.

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