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This started as a OS from my 'Tis The Season collection but thanks to your enthusiasm seems to now be a verse in its own right.A/U: Emma Swan never thought she'd get married, have the big wedding or meet the perfect guy. But what when happens when she hires the wedding band and meets the guy she supposed to end up with? Follow Lizzie and William as they go through the adventures of starting a family and dealing with parenthood together for the first time.This is the story of their adventure to Walt Disney World and Orlando, Florida to celebrate their 5 year anniversary.Little does Emma know that Killian has the surprise of a lifetime planned for her while there. This is a story I've been wanting to write for a while.After watching the season finale of TVP Season 3, I was upset that as Damon was left to DIE, all we DELANA fans got was a single phone call. Will that be enough to convince her to stay and rule by his side? Hitchhiker Emma catches a ride with a quiet truck driver named Jones. MA for slightly explicit sexual scenes and language.

CS Neighbors AU where Emma is a nurse a Based on the prompt: When Emma sent old fat drunk Hook back to the Jolly Roger, she wasn't aware that there was no Jolly Roger in the Wish Realm.So instead, Old Hook ends up on the deck of the Jolly… What happens when he comes face to face with this new realm… Greek Mythology CS AU (based off the tale of Hades and Persephone). Emma, Goddess of Agriculture and daughter of David (Zeus) and Mary (Demeter) is sought out by the King of the Underworld to be his Queen and he intends to have her by any means necessary.Rated M for mature and sexual content.3x22 end of episode cannon.Sorry I'm so bad at summaries:)Captain Swan modern AU. Owning a cupcake and candy shop has always been Killian's dream and managing a Hallmark Store was far from a fairytale for Emma. Emma Swan is the counselor at the local Children's shelter who is done with men and relationships after her latest in a long stream of nightmares. Emma Swan entered the doors of Newschannel 6 looking for a fresh start after an awful break-up, but one look at Killian Jones, and it throws a wrench in her plan.Tumblr prompt: "You're the one person who can do my elaborate stage makeup, so every night you spend half an hour in close proximity to my face and I want to kiss you so badly." Killian is an actor and Emma is his makeup artist. That is until he comes across a time pod, something that will allow him to ask Emma out again and again and again until he can get it right. But when piercing blue-eyed Irish man meets green-eyed, sassy blonde, it just might be a match made in heaven. (You do not need NASCAR knowledge to read this.)Emma is scared. Killian Jones and Emma Swan are roommates, friends, and... They both want more, but with neither one taking that leap of faith, they are at an impasse.

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