Hookup with girls with no credit card

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Spending can get really out of hand if you don’t watch it, moreso than other South American countries. If you’re going to stay for a while and have money to blow, get Rio For Partiers. They key to success and happiness in Rio is approaching during the daytime on the beach and on the street.

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The reason approaching during the daytime is so important is that Rio’s nightlife is surprisingly not very good.

Catch them during the day and be a man about it and strike up conversation. I’m afraid I cannot give you an estimate since I did not indulge in their services.

In Ipanema the place to be during the day is by Posto 9 next to the tall coconut tree. I also hear there are happy ending massage parlors but I did not notice them while I was there. If you liked this post then I think you'll like Roosh's Brazil Compendium, a 98-page strategy guide designed to help you sleep with Brazilian women in Brazil without paying for it.

Im not the best looking guy in the world, but not fugly either. The last thing I want is my favorite nightclubs flooded with greasy American sex-tourists, so I’ll leave it at this: if you don’t know the places to go, then you don’t need to know the places to go. If you are looking for women more easily impressed in Brasil, look farther north, like Fortaleza or Recife. I had lunch at a bar, and the waitress was really beautiful and friendly. Then, we went upstairs to my hotel room and I gave her a glass of rum.

Stick with your hookers and desperate skanks in Copa, because that’s what you deserve. We had sex for two hours, including anal sex and deepthroat fucking, I managed to cum four times, she coughed up a ton of saliva during the DTF, and she did not charge me anything.

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