Doctor who s8e3 online dating

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Robin Hood tells his men that the Sheriff is hosting a contest to find the best archer in the land.Clara warns that it’s a trap, but Robin Hood already knows that. Clara doesn’t understand why the Doctor can’t believe that this is really Robin Hood, and he can’t believe Clara is so quick to believe it is. After many rounds, the contest is tied between the Sheriff and Tom the Tinker (aka Robin Hood) Robin suggests making the targets farther away. Robin takes a long look at Clara before splitting the arrow.It's not a brevity of storytelling but a rather deeper problem .

A woman is in chains, and a man, Master Quail, tells her to stay strong.

(And poor the poor lute player has so many diseases that he’ll be dead in six months, says the Doctor) While the Doctor continues his examination, Robin Hood tells Clara his story. She sees his sadness, and he explains that the evil prince has taken his beloved Marian away from him.

Clara knows all about Marian, which pleases Robin Hood a great deal.

I loved Capaldi's performance from the last two episodes but here I wasn't impressed mainly due to the writing , and did we need a story featuring robots so soon after the droids from the season opener ?

Get some new ideas Mr Moffat or change the running order of the season Being 45 minutes it's the same format as a two episode story from the old show but again one can't feel in those days the production team would have developed the story better with dramatic pauses .

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