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The first evidence of Aboriginal habitation on Kangaroo Island was the discovery of hammer stones at Hawk's Nest near Murray's Lagoon in 1903.

In 1930 more stone tools were discovered and excavation was proposed.

Many of the pebble choppers were perfectly symmetrical, finely-made by what must have been highly skilled craftsmen with a strong aesthetic sense.

Another characteristic of the Kangaroo Island tools is the large, heavy, horsehoof core, but there are not as many of them as there are of the pebble choppers.

Also, no small tools have been found that were used at more recent times on the mainland.

Subsequent exploration revealed the presence of 47 camp sites on the island, by 1958 the number had risen to 120.

There were hundreds of pebble choppers, horsehoof cores and hammer-stones.

Some of these sites contain small shell middens associated with flakes that have been dated to 6,000 years ago.

Some inland stratified camp sites, such as Rowell's Site, dated to 5,200 years ago and Sand Quarry Site, dated to 4,300 years ago, contained small flints and scrapers.

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