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Dowd advises, "Write them down-they're the road map for how you'll write materials." Then think about how best to teach learners. They're practical-they want to know how information will help them in their day-to-day duties. "Quick-reference guides and easy-to-read self-study resources are some of our most popular learning tools." In her own project, Dowd knew learning preferences at ENH favored quick-reference guides, but these would not be enough for the overwhelming scope of the software.

Online learning couldn't be used, since the software was still rapidly changing.

They also completed a two-day "Enhance the Trainer" workshop that reviewed adult learning theory, facilitation skills, and effective training.

This can make or break your learning investment." Select your trainers, invest in them, write materials, and rehearse. "All the beautiful content can be blown out of the water with a bad instructor," warns Dowd. Do you come across as confident, credible, and professional? New York, NY: Jossey Bass/Pfeiffer Publications, 2000. Available online at org/astd/publications/td_magazine. Evanston Northwestern Healthcare's EHR journey began in fall 2001.

Our trainers practice their introductions over and over." Dowd advises tapping into internal resources such as learning and development or nursing education colleagues. Dowd and her staff ramped up in 2002, simultaneously hiring staff, performing needs analyses, determining facilities, and creating policy.

Consult a training vendor if you don't have in-house resources to develop training. Go-live training ran from September 2002 to February 2004. Phase 1: Needs Assessment and Analysis Dowd's goal was straightforward: train staff and physicians on the new system.

Move in and Observe Finally, it's time to move into your new house. You open and close the doors, operate the dishwasher, and arrange the furniture. Did learners like instructors and course materials? Most evaluation tools, like satisfaction surveys, measure the reaction of the trainees, allowing them to evaluate instructors, facilities, course material, and even refreshments. First, ENH determined that anyone who touched health records needed training-employees, medical group physicians, professional staff, residents, students, and others.

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